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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Critical in Early Fall for Daytona Residents

By HVAC Tips

With the scorching Florida summer behind us, it is time to give your air conditioner some love and care. The typical service life of an air conditioner is 15 years.

However, the extreme Florida heat places an additional burden on your AC unit. The average daytime temperature in Florida exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is not uncommon for temperatures to rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer.

This means your AC unit is working hard and not likely to reach 15 years without preventative maintenance. Read on to learn why central air cleaning is critical for Daytona homeowners.

Why Early Fall Is Best for Central Air Cleaning?

Florida summers are infamous for their brutality and scorching heat. From June to September, your air conditioner is likely running for the vast majority of the day. Sometimes the heat is so excruciating that the air conditioner cannot reach your desired room temperature.

After the wear and tear incurred in the summer, early Fall is best for maintenance. It is likely that your air filter is clogged after the busy summer months. In addition, your refrigerant levels may be low and require refill.

After six-plus months of warm temperatures dating back to the Spring, your yard is likely lush and overgrown. An early Fall inspection will result in cutting back any plants or shrubs around the AC compressor. Any plant growth that restricts air flow needs to be cut back or removed all together.

What Happens During an AC Inspection?

The first thing that a service technician will do is perform a thorough inspection of the AC unit. Of particular attention to the service technician are the evaporator and condenser coils.

Regardless of how often you change the air filter, these coils still collect dirt. Dirty coils restrict air flow and inhibit the ability to absorb heat. The technician also inspects other critical components like coil fins, condensate drain, filters, and more.

What Is Cleaned?

If the evaporator and condenser coils are dirty, your AC technician will clean them. The air filter will be replaced if it shows any signs of being clogged.

Coil fins are another component that requires cleaning. Dirt and debris has the ability to prevent air from flowing through the coils.

The technician will clean coil fins to prevent this from happening. He or she also uses a fin comb to rectify any bending of the fins.

Another item cleaned is the condensate drain. The technician will use a stiff wire through the drain to ensure there is no clogging.

Finally, the technician may clean the area around the air compressor. This involves sweeping up loose debris like dirt and leaves.

A Recap of Central Air Cleaning

After a brutal Florida summer, it is critical to get your AC unit serviced. Bringing in a professional to inspect and clean your unit will extend its service life. Steps like replacing air filters and cleaning coils are effective.

If you are need of central air cleaning near Daytona, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

Five ways to Increase efficiency HVAC System

By HVAC Tips

Summer has arrived. Whether you grabbed clothes or not, your HVAC unit must be ready to turn on. Moreover, to achieve the perfect comfort level, HVAC system necessarily resonating at maximum efficiency. Here, we will guide a handful of tactics, that will frame your heating and cooling unit what you deserve.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

Cleaning Air Filters after regular interval

Correct filter installation, cleaning, and maintenance play a vital role to keep the HVAC system highly efficient. With the clean air filters, you will feel superior air quality free from dust and bad odor. Thus, experiencing an eco-friendly environment. Also, the process of cleaning filters should be done according to the schedule mentioned. Usually manufactures or design consultant recommends to clean filter over 30-60 days. During cleaning operation if filter seems damaged substitute it as soon as possible.


Use of Programmable controls and thermostat

The thermostat looks small, simple part of the heating and cooling unit, but it controls the entire HVAC working. With proper use of a thermostat, we can save a tremendous amount of energy and thus calling thermostat brain of a machine may not be wrong. The latest version is a programmable thermostat. They can benefit by cooling the desired space when necessary and as you are far-off lowering the heating/cooling load of an air conditioner. By this, it will consume energy when needed plus wear and tear will be lower. More importantly, try to keep appliances or lamp away from the thermostat. The heat from these things can make the air-conditioner harder to cool the space.

Replacement of OLD HVAC Unit

If your system is 10 to 15 old, then stop wasting time and money in repairs. It’s time to consider a new cooling and heating system that add fewer units in your electric bills. Plus, enjoying the superior indoor air quality. It’s evident that the performance of machines reduces with time. In the 21st century, manufacturers are more focused on developing more efficient devices. Similarly, Air conditioning industry is heading to manufacture highly efficient HVAC system and with an affordable price tag.

Use Energy-efficient Windows and Doors

The energy efficient doors and windows are available nowadays. According to the US Department of Energy, the energy efficient doors and windows is a build of polyurethane foam insulation or fiberglass. These types of windows and doors reduce 30-40% of heat transfer. Sliding doors are not properly sealed. Try to close curtains and blinds while the air conditioner is turned on especially during the hottest part of the day.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Implementing a scheduled maintenance plan is a matter of importance. It evident that dirty Heating and cooling systems have more load to maintain to achieve the desired temperature. The regular schedule maintenance improves productivity and performance. Also, if inspection of equipment is on schedule maintenance chances of break down is always less.  For scheduled maintenance, you can give a call to any HVAC inspection company near you.


Have you ever considered pleated filters instead of spun fiberglass? They provide roughly 8x's filtering capacity, leaving you with better air quality.


If your A/C seems to not be working properly, make sure the drain is clear. Clogged drains are as common as clogged filters.