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How to Prevent Frozen AC Coils to Avoid an AC Repair Call

By September 24, 2019September 28th, 2019No Comments
frozen ac coils

There’s nothing as unfortunate as having to make an AC call during winter over a frozen coil. It forces you to endure the cold and it’s most likely the issue was preventable.

Below, we look at the most common ways you can prevent frozen AC coils.

Regular Maintenance

While regular maintenance sounds mundane and probably unnecessary, it remains the easiest and cheapest way to prevent frozen coils on your AC. During favorable weather, you may forget your AC exists. In case anything broke, you wouldn’t realize that until it’s already too late.

Before winter, turn on the system and listen for any funny noises. You have to oil the moving parts and clean the vents.

Dirty Air Filters

The flow of clean air into the AC ensures that it’s working properly. Dirty air filters block and prevent the right air circulation. In turn, this leads to frozen coils, as the refrigerant isn’t even heated or cooled.

Ensure the filters are clean to aid air circulation through the AC and the home itself.

Broken Fans

The AC relies on fans to propel and expel air out of the system. The continuous work done by the fans and its blades means there will be wear and tear over time.

If you’re not careful, the fans can break. As a result, the air circulation is inhibited, and frozen AC coils are the inevitable end.

Ensure you grease all the moving parts appropriately, especially the bearing, in order to prolong the life of the fan. If a blade is broken, make sure it’s replaced as soon as possible.


The thermostat regulates the temperature as set by you. A malfunctioning thermostat will always give wrong readings and therefore, interfere with the working of the AC.

If you suspect that the temperature gauge readings are different from the temperature in the room, have the thermostat checked. It could signify several underlying issues.

A broken thermostat will overwork the AC system and risks the AC coils freezing over.


AC relies on the circulation of refrigerant to work correctly. In case there’s a leakage in the system, the AC will use more power to reach the required temperature. In the end, the coils will freeze since the vapor has escaped and has been replaced by normal air.

Track down the leakage and repair it before refilling the system. This will ensure the system works as it’s meant to, without freezing up the coils.

Frozen AC Coils

An operable AC system relies on small vital parts that need to be in perfect working condition. Frozen AC coils are indicative of a failure in a part of the system.

Above are simple ways in which you can easily avoid making the dreaded calls over frozen AC coils. Ensure the serviceable parts like the filters and fans are well maintained.

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